Recent Products

  • Alcoa Trade Show Interactive

    Advertisements, Images + Renderings, Interactive, New, Print, Products, Web

    We work with Alcoa, creating interactive touchscreen applications, 3D renderings for marketing teams and creative direction for trade show multimedia.

  • Lubrizol product rendering

    Images + Renderings, New, Print, Products

    We worked with Lubrizol’s marketing team to create 3D assets for sales materials.  We 3D modeled the scene and created a dynamic particle...

  • First National Bank TV Spot

    Advertisements, Motion + Animation, New, Products

    Working with The Adcom Group, Photonic Studio did the 3D camera and object tracking, 3d modeling, lighting and rendering of the...

  • Consumer Electronics

    Advertisements, all, Motion + Animation, Products

    Working with The Adcom Group, Photonic created a one minute looping animation to display key Boogie Board products at CES...

  • MRI technology Animation

    Medical, Motion + Animation, Products

    Animation created for Philips Medical to help illustrate a filter technology.

  • Refrigerator Renderings

    all, Images + Renderings, Products

    Working with Design Central we created 3D Renderings and animation to showcase the features of an LG refrigerator.

  • Truck 3D Renderings

    all, Automotive, Products

    Working with Alcoa to show off the Aluminum used in a generic European truck.  We produced different styles of 3d...

  • Aircraft Visualization

    all, Automotive, Products

    Blue Color Indicates locations where the aircraft uses Aluminum.



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