• Virtual trade show experience

    Virtual trade show experience
    We create interactive Augmented and Virtual realities

Photonic Studio helping guide our partners through the virtual world.  We create 3D Renderings, Animation, and Interactive experiences for Architecture, Medical and Manufacturing marketing and sales teams.

  • 3D Illustration


Spherical Panoramas, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.  Let your viewer explore at their own pace.


Revit, CAD, or Sketchup. We can take your data and create beautiful photo real renderings.


Renderings and animations for your products. 3D construction for exploded views and callouts.


From digital displays to broadcast television, we have the experience and rendering power to meet your deadline.

Recent Posts:

  • Exploring Unity’s Shader Graph
    The shader graph is now available in Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline. I haven’t really had a chance to play with this new node based shader approach. I have never really programmed any shaders from scratch, mostly found some examples online for specific uses I had…
  • Augmented reality trade show experience.
    Photonic worked with NDC Technologies to make an Augmented Reality trade show experience for the annual ICE USA show. We had an initial meeting to discuss NDC’s marketing and communications goals for the year.  During this meeting Photonic educated NDC about visual communication tools including…
  • 3D Character Design
    Ya that’s right he dances!  This 3D character design was drawn on a napkin at lunch one day.   Then we created a 3D model in Zbrush.  The Zbrush sculpt parts went into Autodesk Maya 2019 for refinement.  Lettuce and cheese was modeled and simulated using…
  • Virtual Reality office interior walk-through.
    Photonic Studio created this office interior virtual reality walk-through. It was used for the client’s design presentations. Our 3D modelers created the scene to designer specification with several rounds of revisions. Furniture and finishes were created from manufacturer assets when available and custom modeled where…
  • Interactive 3D presentation for construction phasing
    Custom Interactive 3D presentation
  • Architectural fly through animations can be fast and efficient 360 VR
    With more and more people saying VR will revolutionize the way we practice Architecture we wanted to share this demo.  We created this scene to test a production method for a 360 VR Architectural fly through, quickly and efficiently.  This type of animation is the ideal way…