Images + 3D Renderings

Photorealistic or stylized 3D Renderings; for presentations, print, & more.

  • Quickly and elegantly showcase features with; X-Ray, cut-away, assembly-views, and informational illustrations from 3D models.
  • We can help you develop a style or match existing art; we will mimic or create simplistic, lo-poly, papercut, or other toon styles.
  • Specialized in importing CAD Data from all types of software including Soldworks, Pro/E, Google SketchUp, Revit, and more.
  • 3D Automotive Images
  • 3D Illustration

Photorealistic Computer-Generated Images

  • Photorealistic 3D renderings produced with the latest software and techniques, from photo manipulation and compositing to fully 3D Rendered scenes.
  • Show your designs with all the detail of real life. Your audience will know exactly what you intend.
  • Realistic lighting scenarios to mimic intended lighting plans or studio lighting scenarios.
  • Fully-integrated linear workflow utilizing 32 bit floating point lighting and texturing.

Quick sketching and finished illustration

  • From full color paintings to quick concept sketches, with a multi-disciplinary team of artists and designers Photonic can match an illustration style to your needs.
  • Photonic can create story-boards in various levels of finish to suit your needs. For early or more economical story-boards we can create rough sketches quickly. For more finished art direction, fully rendered concept images will visualize the project with the finished quality.
  • We are more than just 3D renderings; we are skilled in concept generation and illustration for all types of applications.

Versatile and Powerful

  • Photonic Studio works with clients of all sizes and applications to visualize their designs with customized packages of renderings.
  • Images for print, presentations, web, mobile, digital signage and interactive displays.
  • Photonic is happy to work with advertisement and marketing firms to create 3D images for print and digital campaigns.
  • High Resolution CGI and painted images in excess of 20,000 px per side. We have worked with several clients to produce large scale prints.