Product visualization

Photonic will help you find the right solution for your product visualization needs. We can create photorealistic CGI images, animations, real-time 3D model viewers and simulations. Augmented and virtual reality are some of the newest ways to deliver your product experience in a portable, digital format. Our custom applications capture valuable user data that can be exported to sales teams in the cloud.

Product renderings and images

High quality renderings are the easiest way to help communicate your products story. We can show how the inside of your product using cutaway or x-ray techniques.

Product Animations

Bring your product to life with animation. From turntable animations that show materials to communicating a specific function or features.

Real -time 3D visualization

Real-time 3D models are great to embed on your website. They can be animated by click interaction. You can rotate and scale the model in real-time.

We can create .GLB files too!

Custom Interactive Displays

Photonic Studio loves to innovate. We work with clients to deliver custom interactive 3D solutions for virtual trade shows and touch screen displays. We have the right tools to create your custom interactive solution.