Customized styles to suit your needs

  • Showcasing consumer products in an exciting and dynamic way to tell the story of their features.
  • From photo manipulation and composting to fully 3D Rendered scenes, Photonic can help with all phases of your project .
  • Specialized in importing CAD Data from all types of software including Solidworks, Pro/E, Google SketchUp, Revit, and more.
  • We commonly build 3D models from blueprints or sketches. We can build elements or entire scenes.

Levels of finish to match your timeline and budget

  • For pre-vis or early concept presentations, Black and White Ambient Occlusion animations are quick and clean.
  • Viewport 2.0 is our medium level of finish. It requires less time to set-up and render, but, delivers full color and materials.
  • Fully rendered animation adds realistic lighting, textures, translucency and reflections.

Character Animation

  • Photonic is a full-service character animation solution; from design and development sketching all the way to final output.
  • We can proveid you with 3D model data of your choice for characters, objects, environments and more.
  • Rigging and motion for characters of all shapes and sizes.
  • Lighing and rendering of full scenes or composite layers.

Motion Tracking + Match Moving

  • Setting-up and shooting of live-action footage on green-screen.
  • Tracking of green screen footage in 3D space.
  • Compositing of live-action and CG footage.