Interior Product Gallery

These renderings were to display the interior product gallery in a corporate building. Using…

Buffalo Interior Office Spaces

Series of renderings created from 2D CAD plans. Showcasing the meeting area, open office…

AG Character Renderings

Working with American Greetings to pose provided models, Photonic developed shading and fur networks…

Shaker Residence Renderings

3D renderings of a home in North East Ohio. Designed by Modern Smart Homes

Augmented Reality Demo

Augmented reality adds graphics, animations, sounds, and overlays them into the natural world as…

3D Trade Show Graphics

Photonic Studio produced these custom 3D trade show graphics for Cyber City 3D.

Boston Boardroom Interior

These renderings were originally intended to communicate the new design of the boardroom. Upon…

United Airlines Sponsorship

We created look development and final animation for United Airlines to be shown in the Wired…

Brand Development

Look development for a network ID


Automotive Rendering

Test images created to check models and materials before integration into broadcast animation.

MRI technology Animation

Animation created for Philips Medical to help illustrate a filter technology.

Jakprints Inkling Walk Cycle

A 3d Character animation walk cycle of the Jakprints Inkling.