Ya that’s right he dances!  This 3D character design was drawn on a napkin at lunch one day.   Then we created a 3D model in Zbrush.  The Zbrush sculpt parts went into Autodesk Maya 2019 for refinement.  Lettuce and cheese was modeled and simulated using an Maya’s Ncloth system.  The ketchup was an Nparticle simulation converted to a mesh.  Rigging was done in Maya 2019 and we used Mixamo for some quick animation.   The video was shot with a Samsung edge 7 phone, mounted on a DJI Osmo gimbal.  The footage was camera tracked inside Adobe After Effects and exported to Maya 2019 for the 3D magic.   The scene was rendered using Vray.  Contact us today if you need 3D characters and animation.

Here is a screen capture of roughing the model out in zbrush.

Here is the first try at Ketchup simulation.